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Teams of 4 Players

VARSITY Teams are composed primarily of undergraduate students or others age 24 or under.  There may be 1 (one) person on a Varsity team that is faculty, staff, or a graduate student at the University of Colorado over the age of 24.   STUDENTS PLAY FOR FREE

Register your team by Midnight Tuesday April 3

If there are more teams than positions available, there will be a seeding test on Wednesday April 4.



Trivia Bowl (trih-veah-bowl) n. A game played by students or alumni to demonstrate how much their education is really worth. 2. The University’s second hottest and best-attended event right after the crowds at the first day of drop-ads. (Colorado Daily)

 "I had encountered depraved sports and movie buffs in the past, but never before had I seen individuals who could name the infield of the 1963 Detroit Tigers, sing the lyrics to obscure '50s songs, and repeat verbatim what was written on the back of Iron City beer cans, all in the space of five minutes"


"The judges are men and women who have refused to grow up." -- Peter "Rockin" Rodman (judge)

"...It has become in the past 8 years a phenomenon of sorts." -- ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS (1975)


Lampoon of the television series "The G. E. College Bowl" - - an affront to the academic institution. Instead of the scholarly the questions would be about "fun stuff" 


April 5 Student Competition, April 6-7 Open Competition, 2018 at the Village Conference Center, University of Colorado, Boulder

Address: 500 30th Street

Reunion Dinner April 6 at Fate Brewing  1600 38th St
Registration required for participants

REGISTER FOR REUNION DINNER (and as an alternate player)

Register By March 31

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Trivia Bowl Rules


A TRIVIA BOWL TEAM shall consist of up to five members, with a maximum of four members playing in any half of any game.   There will be a fee (TBD) paid to register on a per participant basis which will cover all acitvities including competition and social events.  Once a team has competed, no changes may be made in the team membership.  The choice of which team members compete in any one game is at the discretion of that team.   A substitution or change may only be made at the start of a game, or at halftime.  Entrants may be members of one Varsity and/or one Open team, regardless of whether they actually compete in a game as a member of that team.  VARSITY Teams are composed primarily of undergraduate students or others age 24 or under.  There may be 1 (one) person on a Varsity team that is faculty, staff, or a graduate student at the University of Colorado over the age of 24.  OPEN teams can be composed of anyone interested in playing.


COMPETITION will be among a number of teams, which will first compete in groups in a round robin format.   Round robin games will consist of two halves where a player substitution may be made if desired at halftime.  Including media time-outs games will last approximately 30 minutes each.   Team captains are responsible for familiarizing all team members with the rules and operation of the competition. It is strongly suggested that team members who have never seen a Trivia Bowl match view one prior to his or her team's first game.  The results of round robin play will determine seeding for a single elimination tournament bracket, which may feature games of longer duration in the semi-final and final.


TWO TYPES OF QUESTIONS will be asked. Toss-ups, answered by the individual who rings in first, are worth 10 points. Bonuses, answered by a team as a whole, are worth a maximum of 30 points. A Toss-up question will be directed to both teams simultaneously.


CONFERENCES between team members, before or during the answer to a Toss-up question, are not allowed. Any activities deemed by judges to be a conference will result in that team's disqualification from answering that one question. The opposing team will still have the option of ringing in and answering the question.

TRANSFER TO THE OTHER TEAM: Only the first player to ring in and be acknowledged may answer a Toss-up question. If, after a reasonable length of time, that player has failed to answer correctly, the opposing team will be offered an opportunity to answer. The Moderator will ask that team, "Can you take it, (team name)", at which time, team members have the option of ringing in and answering normally.

A 5 POINT PENALTY will be assessed for incorrect answers on early ring-ins. A player may ring in to signify readiness to answer a question prior to the conclusion of the reading of that question (indeed players are encouraged to do so). However, if the question is answered incorrectly, the player's team will be assessed a 5 point penalty and the remainder of the question will be presented to the opposing team.

A BONUS QUESTION will be directed to a team as the result of a member of that team correctly answering a Toss-up question. Bonus questions may have one or more parts; the moderator will indicate the number of parts and point value. Team members may confer on Bonus questions, and need not activate the buzzer before answering.  

SIMULTANEOUS RINGS are rare. If players on each team are determined to have rung in simultaneously, the judge will indicate so, and the question will be discarded. If players from the same team ring in simultaneously, the judge will call the names of that team and the player who rang in and is seated further upstage.

IN CASE OF A TIE GAME at the end of regulation play, the game will go into a "Sudden Death" period. The first team whose member correctly answers a Toss-up will win. If a player interrupts a question to offer an incorrect answer, his team will be assessed a 5 point penalty and the opposing team will automatically win. 


WHAT IS TRIVIA? The Random House Dictionary of the English Language defines trivia as "matters that are very unimportant, inconsequential, or inessential." This definition may be open to debate, as by the very nature of our interest in the question of who knows more incidental information, it is apparent that trivia may be quite important.For the purposes of Trivia Bowl, Trivia shall encompass the entertainment pastimes of society, their roots and their extensions, and subject matter shall be drawn from the following:1. Pop Culture & Show Business 2. Pop Literature 3. Pop Music 4. Sports 5. Miscellaneous Pop Culture Trivia.  Any information not critical to the content, philosophy, or character of otherwise essential information is Trivia. For example: The president or profits (or losses) of the Chrysler Corporation is not Trivia, but the movie stars (or corporate presidents attempting to sell you that company's automobiles) are Trivia. In general, questions are divided into five categories: Movies, television, music, sports, and miscellaneous (comics, theater, radio, and anything else!). In all cases, prior to the use of a question, the judges will make a determination as to the propriety and veracity of that question. There will be approximate balance between the categories in any given game, but there is not a guarantee to have the exact same number of film, music, sport, television or miscellaneous type questions for either tossup or bonus.   


There will be live reading as well as recorded audio, visual, and video sources used during competition.  The contest judges will have the final determination about validity of content.